ThermoPop vs Thermapen Mk4

People often ask us about the differences between the Thermapen Mk4 and ThermoPop thermometers. While both are top-rated thermometers and both are recommended as the first choice in their class by many top-rated food publications, there are some important differences between them that you should be aware of before you make your purchase decision.

• The Thermapen (our most popular product) is the leading, professional-grade instant-read thermometer on the market and uses precise thermocouple sensor technology. This allows it to read temperatures faster and more accurately than lower-cost thermistor digital thermometers  do. This is one of the primary reasons it is preferred by many well-known publications and personalities in the food world.

• The Thermapen is so accurate that each one comes with its own proof of calibration.

• The thermocouple sensor in the very tip of the Thermapen is so responsive that once it comes up to temperature (in 2-3 seconds) it gives you constant updates on temperature changes and temperature differences in your food. Because a ThermoPop uses thermistor technology, it cannot respond as quickly or as accurately.

• The Thermapen Mk4 has features that make it easier to use. For instance, it wakes up as soon as you touch it. Its display automatically rotates and its backlight automatically comes on when it gets dark. It uses 1-AAA battery. The ThermoPop has similar features but requires button pushes.

• The Thermapen Mk4 is waterproof; the ThermoPop is splash-proof.

• While Thermapens are built to last, they can be repaired if needed. Even though most people use their Thermapens for many years without a single problem, it’s nice to know that if something unusual happens – such as if your dog uses yours as a chew toy – we can fix it for you.

Here’s a video that demonstrates the key features of the Thermapen Mk4.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how the ThermoPop works.

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