Thermapen ONE vs Classic Thermapen

You may  be wondering how a Thermapen ONE and a Classic Thermapen compare.  If you are trying to decide which option is best for you, here are the facts you need to know so you can make an informed choice.

A Thermapen ONE is better than a Classic Thermapen in many significant ways, the most important being its ability to read temperatures 3 times faster and 30% more accurately than a Classic Thermapen does.

Thermapen ONE was redesigned so it’s more comfortable to hold, the battery compartment is much easier to access, and the settings are easier to change. We have such confidence in Thermapen ONE’s durability that we have increased its warranty period to 5 years versus Classic Thermapen’s 2 years.

Other important Thermapen ONE improvements include:

  • If its probe is open, a Thermapen ONE’s display automatically wakes up whenever you touch it. When a Classic Thermapen goes to sleep, you must close its probe and reopen it to turn it back on.
  • A Thermapen ONE uses 1-AAA battery; a Classic Thermapen uses 2-CR2032 batteries.
  • A Thermapen ONE’s display automatically rotates so you can read it from any direction; a Classic Thermapen’s display does not rotate.
  • A Thermapen ONE has a backlight; a Classic Thermapen does not.
  • A Thermapen ONE is waterproof to IP67; a Classic Thermapen is splash-proof.

Both Thermapen models come with a NIST-traceable Calibration Certificate.

Want to know more about Thermapen ONE? Watch this video!

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