Thermapen ONE vs Classic Thermapen

You may  be wondering how a Thermapen ONE and a Classic Thermapen compare.  If you are trying to decide which option is best for you, here are the facts you need to know so you can make an informed choice. A Thermapen ONE is better than a Classic Thermapen in […]

How to Update Your Smoke Gateway’s Firmware

Article updated on 3/4/22 Note: The easiest way to update Smoke Gateway’s firmware is through the ThermoWorks app.  To determine if your Smoke Gateway needs to be updated, turn the device on. If the light flashes blue every 3-4 seconds, the firmware does not need to be updated. If the […]

How to Use ThermoWorks’ Silicone Probe Spools

  ThermoWork’s Silicone Probe Spools’ smooth silicone protects probe cables when not in use. The size and diameter of the spool were optimized to prolong the life of your probes by preventing pressure on the cable, eliminating kinking, and allowing its use with many types of probes. To Use When […]

Registering Your ThermoWorks Product

Products Purchased Directly from ThermoWorks There is no need to register your ThermoWorks product. We keep records of all purchases made directly from us and can look up your information if your item requires service or you need help with it. If you received your product as a gift , […]

Troubleshooting: Smoke X

Here are answers to common questions about Smoke X. Where can I find the instructions for Smoke X? You may download the instructions here. Smoke X2 Smoke X2 Operating Instructions Smoke X2 Receiver Operating Instructions Smoke X2 Receiver Sync Instructions Smoke X2 Calibration Instructions High Temperature Probe Rings Installation Billows […]

ThermoWorks Health

Before You Begin Before you begin, make sure that… You have the latest version of ThermoWorks Health installed on your smart device. Bluetooth is enabled on your smart device when using WAND Blue. ThermoWorks Health Installation Download ThermoWorks Health from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Open the […]