ThermaQ App

Top This help file contains instructions for the topics below. Before You Start Installing ThermaQ App Important to Know Adding Your Device Setting Up Your ThermaQ WiFi (iOS) Setting Up Your ThermaQ WiFi (Android) Troubleshooting Your ThermaQ WiFi Setup Setting Up Your ThermaQ Blue Using the ThermaQ App Device Options (Connect, […]

Billows Set Up: Signals

This setup video that demonstrates how to setup and use Billows with Signals. To use a Billows fan with Signals, follow the steps below: Connecting Billows to Signals Plug the 12-volt AC adapter included with your Signals into a power outlet and connect the power cable into Signals. In the […]

Product Operating Instructions and Documentation

To locate a particular item’s Operating Instructions and other documentation, view the More Info tab on its sales page at  Example To see Thermapen Mk4’s Operating Instructions and documentation, browse to the Thermapen Mk4 sales page.  Scroll down until you see the More Info tab. When you expand the […]

Signals vs ThermaQ WiFi and ThermaQ Blue

People often ask us how the ThermaQ WiFi, ThermaQ Blue, and Signals setups compare, because they want to make the right choice for their unique circumstances. If you are trying to make the same decision, here’s what you need to know: How They Are the Same • ThermaQ Blue, ThermaQ WiFi, and Signals all […]

Troubleshooting: DishTemp

Why doesn’t DishTemp read the same temperature as my waterproof digital stem thermometer? DishTemp is individually calibrated in a NIST-Traceable calibration lab with an accuracy of ±0.9°F. Most digital thermometers used in foodservice have an accuracy of ±1.8°F. DishTemp is much more accurate and is certified with actual test data […]

Troubleshooting: Signals

Here are answers to the most common technical support questions about Signals. What power adapter may I use to charge Signals? We recommend that you always use the power adapter that came with your Signals. It reads “Use only with Signals” on its back. Signals requires a 12-volt power adapter. […]