How to Use ThermoWorks’ Silicone Probe Spools

Silicone Probe Spools


ThermoWork’s Silicone Probe Spools’ smooth silicone protects probe cables when not in use. The size and diameter of the spool were optimized to prolong the life of your probes by preventing pressure on the cable, eliminating kinking, and allowing its use with many types of probes.

To Use

When using the Silicone Probe Spools with Pro-Series, Q-Series, regular Type K , or Type T probes with small plugs, insert the plug into the hole or slot as demonstrated below.

Pro-Series Needle Probe

Pro-Series Needle Probe 2

Type K

Type K 2

Type K 5

Type K 6

If the probe has an extra-smooth cable, or if the plug is too large to fit in the slot, you may need to tuck the end of the probe into the cable to hold it in place, as demonstrated below.

Type K 3

Type K 4

If you need additional assistance, our Customer Care team is happy to help.

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