All About ThermaQ WiFi

ThermaQ WiFi is a BBQ/Oven alarm thermometer, capable of monitoring 2 separate probes at once.  With a built in Wi-Fi connection, it will transmit temperatures through the internet to the accompanying ThermaQ App. You can track your cooks, set alarms and monitor temperatures from anywhere in the world. Who is […]

Thermapen FAQ: Common Questions Answered

In this Thermapen FAQ, Randy answers some of the most common customer questions about the Thermapen. Where can I buy a Thermapen? You can buy it right here online. There are only a few authorized dealers. (Watch out for counterfeit Thermapen look-a-likes!) Also, there are a few retail outlets in […]

General Questions About Thermometers

Here are answers to common thermometry questions we receive about using a thermometer to determine the doneness of food, calibration, accuracy, and water-resistance.   How do I know when my food is done cooking? It may seem like an obvious point, but a thermometer is just a tool that gives […]

Food Temperature FAQs

Here are answers to many common questions we are asked about taking accurate temperatures of food.   Why do I get different readings when I measure my food in different places? You’ll get different readings when measuring temperatures in different spots, because the temperature of the food can be different […]

Troubleshooting: Data Loggers

Here are answers to common technical support questions we receive about data loggers. Where’s my data logger software? Each logger comes with its own software package. You can download the software specific to your logger by finding your logger system on our Software Downloads page.   Why didn’t my data […]