Troubleshooting: TimeStick and TimeStick Trio

Here are answers to the questions our Tech Support team is asked most often about the TimeStick and TimeStick Trio.   Which battery does my TimeStick (or TimeStick Trio) use? It uses one, CR2032 (3V) lithium coin cell battery. When I set my TimeStick Trio’s timer, it starts the countdown […]

Troubleshooting: Extra Big & Loud Timer

Here are answers to common technical support questions about the Extra Big & Loud Timer.   My Extra Big & Loud Timer’s kickstand broke. Do you sell replacement parts? We are happy to send you a new kickstand at no charge. Please contact our Tech Support team or Customer Care […]

Troubleshooting: DOT

Here are answers to the most common technical support questions about DOT.   My DOT thermometer is not working. All I seem to get is a flashing “NO PROBE”. The probe is inserted correctly. Any clue what’s wrong? We would suggest replacing your DOT’s batteries, as a battery change typically […]

Troubleshooting: ThermaQ WiFi

Setup instructions for ThermaQ WiFi are located on the ThermaQ app page. It contains the following information: Before You Start Installing ThermaQ App Important to Know Adding Your Device Setting Up Your ThermaQ WiFi (iOS)\ Setting Up Your ThermaQ WiFi (Android) Troubleshooting Your ThermaQ WiFi Setup Setting Up Your ThermaQ […]

Troubleshooting: ChefAlarm

Here are answers to the questions our Tech Support team is asked most often about the ChefAlarm.   Is the “NO PROBE” indicator suppose to constantly flash when ChefAlarm is not in use? I’m concerned that it will use up the battery when not necessary. I have tried every button […]

Troubleshooting: Smoke Gateway

Here are the answers to common technical support questions about Smoke Gateway. Where can I find instructions for setting up and using my Smoke Gateway with the ThermoWorks BBQ app? Instructions are found in the app and in the ThermoWorks BBQ online help file, located here. How do I update […]

Troubleshooting: Smoke

Here are answers to common questions about Smoke our Tech Support team receives.   Where can I find the instructions for Smoke? You may download the instructions here. Smoke Operating Instructions Smoke Receiver Operating Instructions Smoke Receiver Sync Instructions Smoke Fact Sheet Smoke Calibration Instructions   My Smoke has stopped […]

Account Login, Email Address Changes, & Order History

Need to change email address you use when shopping at ThermoWorks? Because ThermoWorks customer accounts are associated with their email addresses, the shopping cart service we use – NetSuite – requires that we update account email addresses for our customers. If you need to change yours, please contact our Customer […]

Help with the Order You Placed

If you have questions about an order you’ve placed, please contact our Customer Care team. Here’s a partial list of issues they can help with: Tracking your order Updating your order’s shipping address Adding or removing items Cancelling your order Checking your order’s status Fix shipment problems Adjusting shipping charge […]

How to Use Our Shopping Cart

How to Use the ThermoWorks Shopping Cart Every day, we receive questions about our shopping cart and how to accomplish certain tasks. Here are answers to the requests we receive most. Guest Checkout You do not have to create an account with ThermoWorks to place an order. Please feel free […]