Troubleshooting: Data Loggers

Here are answers to common technical support questions we receive about data loggers.

Where’s my data logger software?

Each logger comes with its own software package. You can download the software specific to your logger by finding your logger system on our Software Downloads page.


Why didn’t my data logger come with a User’s Manual?

Full operating instructions for data loggers are found in the ‘Help’ tab within the software. Our Tech Support team is also available to answer any question you may have.


How do I download my logger data to my computer?

Some data loggers come with built-in USB connectors or wireless capability that can connect directly with your computer, while other data loggers require the purchase of a separate interface that connects directly with your computer (usually through your USB port).


Why isn’t my data logger working?

The most common problem with getting your data loggers up and running is loading the right drivers. This can usually be determined by looking in the System Device Manager on your PC.

Another issue may be that the person installing the software does not have administrative rights to the computer and/or the program has not been allowed through any anti-virus or firewall. Contact your IT department for help with this.

An additional issue might be the failure to install the correct and most recent version of the proprietary software.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact our Tech Support team at or by calling 1-800-393-6434.


Do I have to set my logger up before using it?

Yes, you do. If you need help, please contact our Tech Support team.


How do I tell multiple data loggers apart in my data spreadsheet?

One of the key settings is to give each different logger a unique name to differentiate it from other loggers. Most people use either a number or a location or type of material being measured to name their loggers (i.e. “logger1” or “upper_freezer” or “raw_fish”).


Will loggers work on Macintosh computers?

Our data logger software was developed for use in a Windows environment. However, it will work on a Mac if you install a Windows Emulator. Here’s a great article that describes several different methods of running Windows software on a Mac.

After the Windows Emulator software is set up, you can download and install the data logger software on your Mac.


Need additional help?

Our Tech Support team is available to assist you by emailing or by calling 1-385-330-0591.


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