How to Use the Grate Clip

Tips & Tricks for Using a Grate Clip

While ThermoWorks’ Grate Clips were designed to be as universal as possible, different oven and grill/smoker manufacturers have different-sized racks. If you have difficulty using your Grate Clip, please try one of the solutions below.

1. To accommodate a wider rack, insert the air probe into the holes in the grate clip, then pull the clip’s brackets outward.  Doing so with the probe in place will prevent the clip from distorting the upper portion and will not damage the probe in any way. This video demonstrates how this works:

2. In cases where the grill grates are close together, we recommend skipping one and stretching the grate clip out. This will create pressure on the probe to hold it into place and it will not interfere with normal use

3. If neither solution above works with your grate, steady the Grate Clip with a ball of aluminum foil as demonstrated in this image

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