ThermoWorks Sales, Promotions, & Discount Codes

Do you have any current sales, promotions, or discount codes? When ThermoWorks has active sales, promotions, or discount codes, they are displayed on our web pages, provided to our customers via email, or shared by our authorized affiliates. All sales and discounts are as listed on the website and will be […]

Sales Tax Questions

Question: Why am I being charged sales tax? ThermoWorks collects sales tax for states on orders that are shipped to the following states (unless the purchasing organization is tax-exempt). If your order is being shipped to a location outside of these states, sales tax will be removed once you enter […]

ThermoWorks Returns Policy

• Returns for credit are only accepted from the original purchaser and only if the product is purchased direct from ThermoWorks. All warranty claims will be handled by ThermoWorks, regardless of where the item was purchased (do not return product to a retail store). In all cases, a return authorization […]

Calibration Question?

• If you want to check the accuracy of your digital thermometer and don’t need an accredited calibration certificate, this article will help: How to Test a Digital Thermometer for Accuracy • This article explains why it is so important for businesses and organizations to validate the accuracy of their thermometers […]

Managing Your ThermoWorks Email Subscription

Here are answers to common questions about managing your ThermoWorks email subscription.   Question: How do I sign up to receive ThermoWorks email newsletters? You may subscribe to our emails by filling out the form that is located at the bottom of each web page at If you prefer, […]