Sales Tax Questions

Question: Why am I being charged sales tax?

ThermoWorks collects sales tax for states on orders that are shipped to the following states (unless the purchasing organization is tax-exempt). If your order is being shipped to a location outside of these states, sales tax will be removed once you enter the shipping address.

Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington

Before Shipping Address Is Entered

In this example, the subtotal includes state tax, because the shipping address has not been entered yet.

Utah sales tax estimate before the shipping address is entered.

After Shipping Address Is Entered

Once a shipping address outside of the states that require ThermoWorks to collect sales tax is entered, the sales tax is removed from the order.

Utah sales tax removed after the shipping address is entered.

If you need additional help, please let our Customer Care team know. You may contact them by emailing, by calling 1-800-393-6434, or on LiveChat M-F, 8-5pm, MST.

Our tax-exempt organization wants to place an order. How do I make sure we aren’t being charged sales tax?

To make sure your tax-empt organization is not charged sales tax, please contact our Technical Sales team by emailing or by calling 1-800-393-6434 to assist with your order.

If you have already placed a web-order and have been charged sales tax, please call our Technical Sales team and they will help you.


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