Signals vs ThermaQ WiFi and ThermaQ Blue

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People often ask us how the ThermaQ WiFiThermaQ Blue, and Signals setups compare, because they want to make the right choice for their unique circumstances. If you are trying to make the same decision, here’s what you need to know:

How They Are the Same

• ThermaQ Blue, ThermaQ WiFi, and Signals all allow you to track what’s happening with your cook on your mobile phone or tablet remotely. All devices allow you to set alarms on your mobile devices.

• ThermaQ Blue, ThermaQ WiFi, and Signals allow you to log and graph temperature data in a free app. All allow you to export data to a file.

• All feature high and low alarms and continuous Min/Max displays for each channel.

• All include two-way communication between the hardware and the app: Changes made in the app are reflected on the hardware and changes made on the hardware are reflected in the app. (Changes will reflect between the two based on the interval rate that is set in the app.)

How They Are Different

Channels and Probes

 Signals is a four-channel thermistor device and comes with three Pro-Series® High Temp Cooking Probes and one Pro-Series High-Temp Air Probe. The probes are included with your Signals purchase.

ThermaQ Blue and ThermaQ WiFi use two Type K thermocouple probes, which are known for high accuracy and durability. Probes are sold separately. (Save money if you purchase your ThermaQ Blue or ThermaQ WiFi and probes in a kit. This article explains more.)

• There are thousands of Type K probe options available for use with ThermaQ Blue and ThermaQ WiFi. There are a limited number of Pro-Series probe options available to Signals users.

Features and Functionality

• Signals transmits data wirelessly to your phone or tablet via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. ThermaQ WiFi transmits data to your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi and ThermaQ Blue transmits data to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

• ThermaQ WiFi is rated IP55, which means it is protected from limited dust ingress and from water/liquid splashes. Signals is rated IP66, which means it is “dust tight” and protected against jets of water (excluding probe connector). ThermaQ Blue is rated IP66/67, which means it is protected from dust and brief immersion. (Important: None of the units are dishwasher safe.)

• ThermaQ WiFi and ThermaQ Blue include two AA replaceable batteries, lasting approximately 4000 hours. Signals’ rechargeable battery (charger included) lasts approximately 12 hours.

• ThermaQ WiFi and ThermaQ Blue allow you to receive alarms on your phone or tablet, but do not include hardware alarms. Signals allows you to receive alarms on your phone or tablet, as well as via the hardware.

• ThermaQ WiFi and ThermaQ Blue require that you change the device from F° to C° in the ThermaQ app. Signals allows you to change the device from F° to C° on the hardware and in the ThermoWorks BBQ app.

• ThermaQ WiFi and ThermaQ Blue use Type K probes, which are accurate to ±0.7°F (±0.4°C) and have extended ranges to 2500°F (1372°C). (Note: The accuracy and range are dependent upon the Type K probe you select.) Because Signals uses thermistor probes, it is less accurate and has a narrower temperature range (depending upon which Type K probe you are comparing it to) than the two ThermaQ models. See Signals accuracy specs here (under the Specs tab).

• Signals has a backlit display; ThermaQ Blue and ThermaQ WiFi do not have backlit displays.

Included Accessories

• Signals includes a grate clip, a 12V USB Power Adapter, and 8 High Temp Silicone Color Probe Rings.

• ThermaQ WiFi includes a multi-use mounting bracket.

Video Demonstrations

ThermaQ WiFi

This video demonstrates how ThermaQ WiFi allows you to track your cook on your mobile device.

ThermaQ Blue

This video demonstrates how ThermaQ Blue allows you to track your cook on your mobile device.


This video introduces the features and benefits of Signals.

In this video, Cameron Treu, owner of Bam Bam’s BBQ restaurant in Orem, Utah describes how Signals, ThermoWorks’ new Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth thermometer, keeps him connected to his cooks.

Use this Alarm Thermometer Selection chart to determine which ThermoWorks’ thermometer is right for you.

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