DOT vs ChefAlarm vs Smoke

People ask us all the time about the DOT, ChefAlarm, and Smoke thermometers. They want to know how the three thermometers are different and how they are the same, because they want to purchase the thermometer that is best for them.

If you are trying to decide which of the three options you should buy today, here are the facts you need to know so you can make an informed decision, too.

How They Are The Same

DOT, ChefAlarm, and Smoke thermometers all use Pro-Series probes, which use thermistor technology.

• All are are splash-proof to IP65 (excluding probe connector).

• The DOT, ChefAlarm, and Smoke are all professional tools designed for commercial use.

•  ChefAlarm, DOT, and Smoke are all leave-in thermometers meant to be used with low-and-slow, moderate heat cooks and should not be used in high-heat situations (such as grilling or broiling) in place of instant-read thermometers.

• All are °C/°F switchable.

How They Are Different

Channels and Probes Included with Each Device

DOT is a single channel device and comes with one Pro-Series High Temp 4.5-inch Straight Penetration Probe.

ChefAlarm is a single channel device and comes with one 6-inch Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe with a 47-inch cable.

Smoke is a dual channel device and comes with both the Pro-Series® High Temp Cooking Probe and the Pro-Series High-Temp Air Probe.

 Features and Functionality

• DOT is the simplest to use of the three thermometers. Just set DOT’s alarm with the arrow keys, put the probe in the food, and when the temperature is reached, DOT’s alarm goes off. Hit any of its keys and it will stop alarming.

• ChefAlarm includes adjustable high and low alarms and always-on Min & Max temperatures, making it the perfect thermometer to use when you need to know when your food goes below or above the temperature range you set. The Mix & Max feature allows you to see the lowest and highest temperatures your food reached during the cooking process.

• Smoke includes adjustable high and low alarms, always-on Min & Max temperatures, and remote tracking capabilities. Not only does Smoke include all of the features ChefAlarm has, it also lets you monitor your cook remotely by sending radio frequency waves (RF) to its Receiver. For example, if you are smoking a brisket in your backyard, you can take Smoke’s Receiver into the house and when the temperatures you have set are reached, the Receiver will alert you that it is time to check your cook. If you also purchase the Smoke Gateway Wi-Fi enabled add-on, you can track your cook anywhere you go with your smart device.

Included Accessories

• DOT does not include any accessories.

• ChefAlarm includes a zippered case and a pot clip.

• Smoke includes a grate clip.

Video Demonstrations

This video demonstrates the DOT being used to monitor a prime rib as it roasts.

In this video, America’s Test Kitchen talks about why they love ChefAlarm.

This video discusses the features and benefits of Smoke.

This video introduces Smoke Gateway and shows why the Wi-Fi enabled add-on to Smoke allows you to track your cook from anywhere!

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