Troubleshooting: ThermaQ WiFi

Setup instructions for ThermaQ WiFi are located on the ThermaQ app page. It contains the following information:

ThermoWorks App

Notice: The ThermaQ app has been replaced by the new, completely redesigned ThermoWorks app. (The icon has a yellow background.) 

Controlling your ThermoWorks connected thermometers is an elevated experience with the all-new ThermoWorks App and new ThermoWorks Cloud. The ThermoWorks App boasts powerful new features, a more intuitive interface, and more robust connectivity. Plus, now you can dive into your temperature data from any browser, explore and annotate graphs, and share everything with your team anytime, anywhere on the new ThermoWorks Cloud.

Download the new, free ThermoWorks app from either the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Open the app on your smart device to begin.

Learn more about the ThermoWorks app here.

Learn more about ThermoWorks Cloud here.


Answers to Common Questions about ThermaQ WiFi


How do I enter Set Up Mode?

To enter Setup Mode, hold down the Start button and Min/Max button for about 5 seconds. If this does not work, please contact our Tech Support team to receive additional help.

Where can I locate the current ThermaQ WiFi firmware update?

The current version of ThermaQ WiFi firmware is 1.2.4  All ThermaQ WiFis shipped after March 8, 2019 include updated firmware.

ThermaQ WiFi firmware update must be installed via a PC. If you don’t have access to a PC, please contact our Tech Support team and they will help you further.

Click here to download the ThermaQ firmware

PDFDownload Instructions for Firmware Update 


Can you turn-off my ThermaQ WiFi?

The device can be put into sleep mode by pressing and holding the start button for 5 seconds or until the screen  goes blank.


My ThermaQ’s display is blank. What can I check?

  • Check that the batteries are installed according to the correct polarity and that they have enough charge to power ThermaQ WiFi.
  • Try turning ThermaQ WiFi on by pressing and holding down the Start button.

I just changed my ThermaQ WiFi’s batteries and now, the screen says nEED Conn. Why?

This message means that ThermaQ needs to be connected to your phone or tablet again. Start the setup process again by simultaneously hold down your ThermaQ WiFi’s Start and Max/Min buttons for 5 seconds or until SEt uP appears on the screen.


I just changed my ThermaQ WiFi’s batteries, but the ThermaQ app still indicates that the batteries are low and need changing. I’m stuck. How can I fix this?

If this happens to you, completely remove your ThermaQ WiFi from the ThermaQ app.

  • Android: Settings>Forget All Devices
  • iOS: Settings>Clear All Device Data

Once that is done, set your ThermaQ WiFi app in the ThermaQ app again.

I changed my router and now my ThermaQ WiFi will not let me reset to reconnect.  How do I clear the unit to do a new clean connection?

There is no need to reset your ThermaQ before setting it up on a new Wi-Fi network. You can simply go through the setup process as if it were a new device.


Can I connect my ThermaQ WiFi to a 5 GHz network?

No, it is only compatible with a 2.4 GHz network.


Troubleshooting Your ThermaQ WiFi Setup

If you enter the wrong security key (password) and get stuck…

  • Make sure your smart device is connected to the Internet.
  • Close and reopen the app and restart the setup process again.

Important to know about ThermaQ WiFi’s SEt uP mode:

  • To enter ThermaQ WiFi’s setup mode, simultaneously press and hold the Start and Max/Min buttons for 5 seconds.
  • You may not make a Wi-Fi connection to ThermaQ WiFi unless it is in set up mode, indicated by the SEt uP message on the display.
  • If your ThermaQ WiFi has been previously connected to your network’s Wi-Fi router, the setup mode has a timeout limit of 60 seconds once the SEt uP message is displayed and up to 5 minutes to send new router settings. If you don’t connect your smart device within the timeframe, your ThermaQ WiFi will automatically leave the setup mode and resume its previous network connection.

If ThermaQ gets stuck on the SEt uP screen…

  • Power off ThermaQ WiFi by holding down the Start button until the screen goes blank.
  • Close and reopen the app and restart the setup process.

If you are having trouble connecting ThermaQ WiFi to your Wi-Fi network…

• A Wi-Fi connection strength test you can easily try is to take your phone next to ThermaQ WiFi and disconnect it from its cellular data signal. Then, see if your phone can connect to your local Wi-Fi 2.4GHz network correctly. If your phone has difficulties connecting (or staying connected), you will know that your local Wi-Fi network’s 2.4GHz signal isn’t strong in that area.

• Try moving ThermaQ WiFi to a different spot.

• Consider using a Wi-Fi booster to increase your network’s Wi-Fi range.

• Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the ThermaQ app.

• Try restarting both your ThermaQ WiFi and phone or tablet.

• Make sure that you have a Wi-Fi or internet connection on your phone or tablet.

• Make sure you that location services are enabled on your phone or tablet and that the ThermaQ app is authorized to use location services. (You will find location services in your phone or tablet’s settings.)

• If your local network includes both a 5GHz and a 2.4GHz connection, try moving ThermaQ WiFi outside of the range of your 5GHz network, but still within the range of your 2.4GHz network. This will prevent your phone or tablet from auto-connecting to the 5GHz network.

• Try disabling your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth connection as Bluetooth can sometimes create Wi-Fi interference. You can turn it back on once Smoke Gateway has been set up.

• Try disabling your phone’s cellular data during the setup process. You can turn it back on once ThermaQ WiFi has been set up.

ThermaQ WiFi Warranty Terms

Your ThermaQ WiFi has a 2-year warranty. You can read more about the warranty terms here.


Need more help with your ThermaQ WiFi?

Please contact our Tech Support team by emailing or by calling 1-385-330-0591.

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