Troubleshooting: ThermoPop

Here are answers to the questions our Tech Support team is asked most often about the ThermoPop.


How do I care for and use my ThermoPop?

This video that teaches all you need to know about caring for and using your ThermoPop.

My ThermoPop won’t turn on. Why?

The first thing to check is the battery. It should be installed with the positive side (the side with the writing) up and the hazard sticker removed. Also, there is a metal tab at the top of the battery compartment. If the battery is not under this tab, your thermometer won’t work.

.ThermoPop Battery Installation

How do I turn off my ThermoPop?

Your ThermoPop will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity. To manually turn your ThermoPop off, press and hold down the Power/Backlight button above the display.

My ThermoPop is displaying an LLL or HHH error. What does it mean?

There are several reasons your ThermoPop may display either an LLL or HHH error, the most common being that the probe was damaged or broken.

If your ThermoPop was exposed to temperatures above or below its temperature range (-58 to 572°F  or -50 to 300°C), you may see one of these errors. The errors may also be indications that the probe suffered other types of damage.

Sometimes, doing a hard reset will resolve the problem. Remove the battery. Leave the battery out for at least one minute before installing a new battery.

Why did my ThermoPop melt?

Your ThermoPop is an instant-read thermometer and is meant to take quick temperatures while you hold it with your hand. It should not be left inside an oven, grill, smoker, or microwave. The body should not be exposed to sustained temperatures above 122°F (such as you will find in steam) by attaching it to a pan with a pot clip.

The operating range of the ThermoPop’s body is 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C).

If you need a thermometer with a probe you can leave in your food as it cooks. You can find our cooking alarms here.

My ThermoPop is flaky. I turn it on, it shows a temperature, and when I put the probe in something hot, the readout hangs for a few seconds and then it “reboots”. What’s wrong?

It sounds like you may be using your ThermoPop with an induction cooktop.

We’ve discovered that some models of induction cooktops can create temporary interference with digital electronic thermometers when they are placed near the range while the cooktop is powered on. The good news is that the interference shouldn’t cause any permanent damage to your device or your cooktop.

Here are some things you can try to get a reading:

  1. Briefly turn off the induction cooktop during the reading.
  2. Or, remove the food from the cooktop to take a quick reading away from the magnetic field.

The amount of interference you experience and the solution that works best will depend on the model of cooktop you use.

I have a new ThermoPop. The display reads 162 F° even when I use it to test meat temperatures. Why doesn’t the display change?

The protective sticker on your new ThermoPop’s display reads 162 F°.  If you remove it, your ThermoPop will display the temperatures correctly.

How do I care for my ThermoPop?

Click here to read an article that teaches you everything you need to know about properly taking care of your thermometer.

How do I test my ThermoPop for accuracy?

The best way to test your ThermoPop for accuracy is with a properly prepared ice bath test, as it a standard laboratory test that is easily replicated at home. Directions for making a proper ice bath are found here.

If your ThermoPop is accurate, it will read within ± 2°F of 32°F (30 to 34°F). If it is reading accurately in this test, you can rest assured that it is reading accurately in food and at higher temperatures.

ThermoPop Warranty Terms

Your ThermoPop has a 2-year warranty. You can read more about the warranty terms here.

Do you have more questions about your ThermoPop?

Our Tech Support team is here for you. Please contact them by emailing or by calling 1-385-330-0591.

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