How to Use Our Shopping Cart

How to Use the ThermoWorks Shopping Cart

Every day, we receive questions about our shopping cart and how to accomplish certain tasks. Here are answers to the requests we receive most.

This article discusses:

  1. Shopping cart basics
  2. Shipping and sales tax assessments
  3. How to add items to your cart
  4. How to edit your cart
  5. How to add more than one color of an item to your cart
  6. How to receive the 5-up pricing or other volume discounts
  7. How to use gift certificates or coupon/discount codes
  8. How to add special shipping instructions or gift messages to your order

Login and Account Information: To learn about guest checkout, account setup, what information can be found in your account area, and password retrieval, check here.

Payment Options: To learn about our payment options and how they work, check here.

Shopping Cart Basics

Checkout 1

Email Address: Once you have added your email address to your order by either entering it as a Guest, or by logging into your account, you will see it in the Customer field. You may edit it here, as needed (red arrows).

Shipping Fee and Sales Tax: Shipping and sales tax rates are determined by the address you are shipping the package to (not the billing address). Until you add a shipping address to your order, the shipping and sales tax fields will be empty (orange arrow).

Special Shipping Instructions or Gift Messages: Use this field to indicate any special instructions, such as a request to have your order shipped in a plain box or to add a special note to the recipient (blue arrow).

Ship-to and Bill-to Addresses: If ship-to and billing address are the same, check the box next to the message, “my billing address is the same as my shipping address.” (green arrow)  If you are shipping the order to a different address, you must uncheck this box or you won’t be able enter a unique ship-to address.

Shipping Fees and Sales Tax

Shipping and Sale Tax Assessments: As soon as you enter the ship-to address, the shopping cart will show you how much you will pay for shipping and sales tax (red arrow). Use the shipping options selector to choose which shipping option you prefer.

Shipping Options: You will only be presented with the options available for your particular order and ship-to address. If your order includes items that will increase the box’s weight to over 5 pounds, you will not see the $4.99 option. If you are located out of the United States, you will see the options that are available to you. These fees are assessed by the shipper (USPS or FedEx) rather than ThermoWorks. Learn more about the shipping options available to you here.

Sales Tax Assessment: The amount of sales tax you will pay is determined by the state you are shipping the order to. Read more here.

To make sure your tax-empt organization is not charged sales tax, email your tax exempt certificate to or by calling 1-800-393-6434 to assist with your order. If you have already placed a web-order and have been charged sales tax, please call our Technical Sales team and they will help you.

A note about shipping fees: Companies that appear to offer free shipping build the shipping fees into their pricing structure. This means you actually pay for shipping without being aware of it. Instead, ThermoWorks keeps product prices as low as possible, subsidizes the shipping expense to make your share as low as we can, and then discloses what you will actually pay. We are not able to offer completely free shipping.


Adding a Gift Certificate or a Coupon or Discount Code to Your Order

Checkout 4

Enter the code into the field directly above the Place Order button. You must add the code exactly as it has been  given to you. If the code has dashes, you must enter them. The codes are case sensitive, so if it includes all caps, you must enter all caps. Examples:


Wrong: xtwyydffst


Wrong: xtwd-yyds-ffst


  1. You must use an authorized coupon or discount code. Generally, these will be given to you directly by ThermoWorks. Occasionally, you may be given a code by one of our authorized affiliates. Coupon codes you find on coupon websites are not authorized and will not work.
  2. Coupon or discount codes cannot be used to purchase items that are already on sale. You may use them when purchasing full-price items. If your code is entered correctly and still does not work, it is likely that you are trying to use it with a sale item.

How to Add an Item to the Shopping Cart

Add to Cart

If the item you want to purchase has multiple color options, you must select a color option prior to clicking on the Add to Cart button (red arrow).

If you want to purchase more than one of the same color, use the quantity selectors (green arrow). You can also edit the quantity from the shopping cart.

If you want to purchase more than one color, select one color and add it to the cart. Then select another color and add it to the cart.

How to Remove or Edit an Item from the Cart

Edit Cart

To take an item out of your shopping cart, click on the trash can icon, found on the right-side of the item’s row (orange arrow). Once it is removed, your order’s subtotal will automatically update.

To edit the amount, use the quantity selectors (red arrow).

How to Receive the 5-Up Price

5-up Pricing

Once you have added 5 in total of the item to the shopping cart (red arrow), the price will be automatically adjust (orange arrows).

Note: You do not have to purchase 5 of the same color. As long as the combination of the colors adds up to 5 units, you will receive the 5-up pricing.

How to Receive Other Bulk Pricing Discounts

If you want to purchase more than 10 of a single item in the same order, other bulk pricing discounts are available. Please contact our Technical Sales team for assistance.

Call us: 1-800-393-6434  from 8 am –5pm, M-F.

Email: (we’ll get back to you within one business day!)


How to Remove Prices from Packing Slips for Gift Orders

ThermoWorks packing slips do not include prices, so the recipient will not know how much you paid for their gift.

Contact Our Customer Care Team

If you need additional assistance, our Customer Care team is happy to help!


Phone: Toll Free: 800-393-6434 6am – 7pm M-F, 9am – 4pm Saturday, MT

LiveChat: 8am – 5pm M-F

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